Industrial Achievements

Project : Aluminum smelter
Sector : Industrial
Year : 2007
  • The ventilation system was supplying too much air.
  • The filters were changed on a very frequent basis and the ventilation system was overly solicited (800 FPM for a capacity of 500 FPM).
  • There were several humidity problems as a result.
Hardy Filtration solutions
  • The assessment conducted by Hardy Filtration revealed that the existing filters could not meet the customer’s filtration system requirements.
  • Filters with a greater filtration surface were recommended.
  • Aeolus SMV “Deep V” filters were installed which can withstand high pressure drops.
Customer results
  • The filters that were installed are fully synthetic and hydrophobic and thus eliminated the humidity problems.
  • The customer was able to extend his filter life and subsequently reduce his costs.