Commercial and Real Estate Achievements

Project : Government building
Sector : Commercial
Year : 2008
  • The customerís ventilation system was divided into two sections: the hot side and the cold side. /li>
  • On the cold side they were having problems with filters blocking up too quickly and they were changing their filters three times a year.
  • The problem was the filters were absorbing the humidity and this led to a high restriction in the filter.
  • At sometimes during the hot months the building had trouble keeping the temperature cool due to lack of air.
Hardy Filtration solutions
  • Filters with a greater filtration surface were recommended.
  • Aeolus SMV filters were installed.
  • Aeolus filters are fully synthetic and hydrophobic.
Customer results
  • Better air circulation throughout the year.
  • Annual savings of $8,000-9,000 for the customer.
  • Three fewer filter changes per year.
  • Reduced pressure of around 30% on the fan motor usage thus reducing energy costs.